My Thoughts on Beenzino’s “Life in Color” Music Video

Beenzino drops “Life in Color.”

To anybody who watches a lot of Korean music videos, it’s probably quite obvious that this is a video made by Digipedi. They’ve got a really distinct style which was really fresh at first, but now it’s starting to seem a little repetitive, perhaps because everybody wants a Digipedi video and now they’re everywhere. There are things about the video that are interesting though. I like how more than just displaying a bunch of visually pleasing complementary colors everywhere (which they’re quite good at), there’s a consistent theme of images being elongated. The song’s about choosing to be with somebody (for the long run), so the elongating of images represent that well. However, I feel like this isn’t one of Digipedi’s better videos.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Beenzino’s “Life in Color” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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