My Thoughts on Woohyun’s “Nod Nod” Music Video

INFINITE’s Woohyun makes his solo debut with “Nod Nod.”

The video features Woohyun reminiscing when he first met a girl while working at a home photography shop. He finds some of her items that have been stored in a case for a year, one being a camera and the other a map. He opens the map and decides to follow the path she traveled on. When he develops the film on her camera, he realizes that she’s been looking at him as well ever since seeing him at the shop, possibly returning his feelings. Even though it’s too late, he still waits for her.

The storyline isn’t anything new, but the video presents it in a very picturesque way. I get that the video is about remembering a person who is gone, but there were a lot of crying scenes that just made it feel a little too dramatic.

Check out the music video below!

What are your thoughts on Woohyun’s “Nod Nod” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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