My Thoughts on Akdong Musician’s “How People Move” Music Video

My favorite sibling duo is back with double title tracks for their “Adolescence” album. This post will be about “How People Move.”

The song is about how they’re happy to be humans because it’s fascinating how humans can do the things they do. They sing of how they would hate to be toys or inanimate things. Once again, a really interesting song concept. It reminds me of “Artificial Grass” from their first album in terms of lyric subject, but completely the other way.

The music video features Chanhyuk as the owner of a toy store who goes into a heavily locked up room and Suhyun ends up following him in. She discovers this topsy turvy world where the toys are alive and they end up  strapping Chanhyuk down to a table. The two get trapped in the toy world, as they run away from dice crushing them and even get locked in a cage with their legs chained to a toy prison ball and chain. Eventually, they manage to escape with a lot of difficulty. There’s lots of silly dancing throughout the video, which goes along perfectly with their joy of being human and having human mobility. Like can they get any cuter?

Can always count on AKMU to bring a lot of personality and creativity to their music and videos.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Akdong Musician’s “How People Move” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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