My Thoughts on Akdong Musician’s “Re-Bye” Music Video

My favorite sibling duo is back with double title tracks for their “Adolescence” album. This post will be about “Re-Bye.”

The song is about a person who constantly parts ways with lovers, hence the title being called “Re-Bye.” The song basically is about how it’s shameful to be affected by breakups (like losing your cool), so get used to it and how it’s hard to find a lover that’ll stick around. I think “Re-Bye” has a really interesting song subject. It’s a lot more pessimistic than it sounds. I really love Suhyun’s sassy delivery of the lyrics. Chanhyuk is always a lot of fun, but I feel his solo verse in the song didn’t vibe as well with the rest of the song’s melody.

The video presents a story completely different from the song. I wonder how they even came up with it. But, it’s really engaging all the same. [Spolier alert] It starts off with Suhyun dressed in Cinderella-esque rags serving a haughty starlet. Suhyun seems envious of the star, playing dress-up with her outfits and peering from behind the curtain, watching the star perform on stage.  Chanhyuk kind of randomly inserts himself throughout the story. Essentially, somebody seems to be trying to harm and sabotage the starlette. You’ve been lead to believe it’s Suhyun this entire time, but it turns out Chanhyuk and Suhyun are undercover detectives who reveal that the backup dancer was behind it all. [Spoiler end]

It’s a really entertaining watch and listen. Can’t say it’s their best, but it’s still great and I’d highly recommend everybody to check it out. Oh yeah, and I can’t help but think of rib-eye steak because sometimes when they say “Re-Bye” it just sounds like rib-eye…………. yum.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Akdong Musician’s “Re-Bye” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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