My Thoughts on BTS’ “Fire” Music Video

BTS is back with dance-inducing “Fire.”

With a song titled “Fire,” you can obviously expect lots of fire in the video.BTS lights just about everything on fire: people, cars, planes… toilet paper. There’s no concrete story, save for moments like V having the control to set cars on fire with his video game and the boys eventually performing on a stage and getting turnt.

With “Fire” being the central theme here, I thought I’d highlight some of the fun fire/heat-related things they included in the video:

  • Fun how they got into the first verse after V “ironed” Jin to the beat of the instrumental as if he was a DJ scratching a disc
  • “Youth” has been a motif they often refer to, so writing it in words on a fence and then lighting it on fire symbolizes youth in flames like they’re enjoying their youth to the fullest (at least that’s how I interpret it.)
  • My favorite has to be the shot right when the beat drops before the chorus and they’re jamming to a lit stove as if it’s a turntable

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of BTS’ “Fire” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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