My Thoughts on Lee Hi’s “My Star” Music Video

Lee Hi releases another music video for “My Star,” a track on her latest album “Seoulite.”

Out of her recent songs, I felt this song was the least interesting, but the video was so fun that I kept re-watching it, which resulted in listening to the song more and now find it catchy. Goes to a show a good video and Lee Hi’s vocals is a pretty solid way of making a rather simple song engaging. One of the biggest reasons why this video is so fun is that Lee Hi’s playful personality really shines in it. When I think back to her performance in her debut “1234” video, she was so emotionless and stiff back then and now she’s improved so much.

I like how the music video goes by the “show schedule” posted on the wall and it moves into different sections like watching a film together, the live show with Lee Hi performing on stage to her dream wedding. I particularly love the parts where Lee Hi is filming a pretend old school film with her on a cloud and purposefully visible wires while people dressed in black outfits and white gloves flutter their hands together like birds; the intentional vintage filming just fit with the concept so well and was really charming. Also thought it was really fun how assertive she was in showing her feelings to the male lead in playful ways like dropping him gifts, literally shoving a ring in his face and rigging the spinning wheel that determines whether he marries her. Really enjoying her videos for this album!

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Lee Hi’s “My Star” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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