My Thoughts on UP10TION’s “Attention” Music Video

UP10TION is back again with “Attention.”

I feel like this group’s been pretty active, making a lot of comebacks. (Hey TOP Media, where’s 100% at? Just wondering.) Personally, I think this song might be the UP10tion song I like best? It’s not exactly the most unique sounding stand-out title track, but it’s catchy and features great choreography so it’s probably the performance I’d like to see most of theirs.  I found the music video to be really engaging, which is good for a song asking a girl to pay “attention” to them. There’s no real story in the video, which is the reason why I give passes to music videos that have lots of random sets. Impressed that these seem to be newly made sets that haven’t been recycled too.

The best thing about this music video is all the roll-offs. It’s been a while since a group has incorporated such an interesting roll-off and it’s all thanks to those fan kicks. After the first time around, I found myself anticipating it happening again, so props to the choreographer who came up with that.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of UP10TION’s “Attention” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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