My Thoughts on Heechul x Wheein’s “Narcissus” Music Video

SM Station features Heechul, Wheein & Jungmo in “Narcissus.”

The first thing that came to mind is this sounds exactly like something TRAX would release. It particularly reminds me of TRAX’s “Blind” (which happens to be my fave rock ballad to dramatically belt at noraebang). To be honest, I never felt like Heechul was all that strong of a singer and he hasn’t really showcased his vocals… ever, but I think this might be the first song to do so. I would have never expected Heechul and Wheein to collaborate on a song together, but it’s proven to be quite the interesting pairing. It’s the kind of song that I’m really curious to hear live because it could be amazingly great or amazingly terrible. (Since this song is so TRAX, I just can’t help but wonder what this would sound like if it featured Jay instead of Heechul.)

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Heechul x Wheein x Jungmo’s “Narcissus” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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