My Thoughts on DAY6’s “Letting Go” Music Video

DAY6 returns as a 5 member band with “Letting Go.”

Talk about a relevant title. The song is much more likely about “letting go” a lover so they can be happy, but it’s ambiguous enough that it could relate to former member Junhyeok.

“Letting Go” is a really nice performance video with interesting editing that really engages the viewer. Although I do have to say, I don’t see how clones of DAY6 has anything to do with the song, but it makes for really great visuals.

What I love most about this video is the lighting, as it primarily features cold fluorescent blue lights and warm, orange brown lighting, which to me, evoke the feelings of loneliness and nostalgia respectively. The lighting sets up the entire mood of the video and plays a huge role in highlighting the emotion from the song.

The clone concept had a lot of interesting shots with my favorite being when the camera films through a shattered sunroof revealing Sungjin, but when it pans down to a side-shot of the car, he’s no longer in it but sitting outside it with a clone. There are many ways that could be interpreted, but I think it’s a really fitting scene considering the song.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of DAY6’s “Letting Go” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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