My Thoughts on Hyosung’s “Find Me” Music Video

Hyosung is back with “Find Me.”

This post is happening just because I want to comment on how glamorous all her outfits are and she really went all out visually for this concept. Every outfit in a performance scene (there were 3) are super blinged out with a show-girl vibe, which is a concept that really suits her. My favorite is the black dress with the colored sequins, along with the huge sparkly necklace. Too bad she doesn’t really dance in it, although I imagine it wouldn’t be easy to do so.

I have to say this music video made me wonder if TS Entertainment has any plans for a Secret comeback because it feels like Hyosung has been the only active one currently.

I saw some netizen comments condemning Hyosung’s boob grabbing in the music video and I have to counter that with “If guys can grab their crotches, while pelvic thrusting, why can’t a girl grab her breasts?” I just don’t get the criticism.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Hyosung’s “Find Me” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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