My Thoughts on OH MY GIRL’s “Liar Liar” Music Video

OH MY GIRL makes their return with “Liar Liar.”

Although I don’t think keeping certain things a secret like a crush is lying, I really like how they decided to visually present the song through the video. I’ll highlight a couple of things I liked in the video.

– The words “Liar” written on a piece of paper taped to their backs; It reminds me of those old-school pranks when people used to tape insults on people’s backs without them knowing & this depicts the girls as unaware that everybody knows about their crush and them “lying”/trying to keep it a secret

– The scene of the girls sitting around a table with their hands behind their backs & glancing at each other suspiciously; Love this scene to bits as I think that girls tend to have that intuition when their friends are hiding something, but the irony is they’re all hiding something.

– The sleeping/underwater scenes; The song is about having a secret crush and waiting until he’s “ready” (most likely going to reciprocate feelings) to hear a confession and the girls often dream about their crushes liking them back, so it’s represented by members sleeping & smiling in their sleep or diving into water, entering this fantasy realm where their desires can come true.

Check out the video below!

What do you think of OH MY GIRL’s “Liar Liar” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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