My Thoughts on Red Velvet’s “One of These Nights” Music Video

Red Velvet returns with “One of These Nights.”

The Korean title of the song is “July 7,” which is the day of Chilseok (aka Tanabata/Qixi in other Asian countries). The festival is inspired by a folklore story in which a human and goddess falls in love, but are separated by her father. He remains on Earth, while she resides in the Heavens, but on July 7th, a bridge is formed across the Milky Way and they can meet once a year. Likewise, the song is about wanting to meet a lover.

This music video plays with perspectives and I love how it always keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. I am sad about Wendy’s styling though. They didn’t fill her brows well and she’s the only one with unnatural hair color, which is so bright red. It just makes her stick out in not the good way. Her red hair looks okay as the video goes on, but that opening shot of her is shockingly unflattering. Which coordi has it in for Wendy??

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Red Velvet’s “One of These Nights” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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