My Thoughts on LEE HI’s “Hold My Hand” Music Video

LEE HI makes her long-awaited comeback with “Seoulite.” For this post, I’ll be writing about the music video for “Hold My Hand.”

LEE HI takes viewers to a whole other world, which feels like a mix of traditional, futuristic and video game elements thrown together. The video starts out at her traditional hanok house, where she wakes up and gets ready for the day. It’s cute how they add all the 8-bit effects, which complement the upbeat melody of the funk pop song. I love how the chorus features LEE HI holding hands with the camera and spinning around, while going through various outfit changes; it just fits so perfectly and clearly makes an obvious tie to the song title and lyrics. The video ends with a futuristic vibe as LEE HI rides a hoverboard across a humongous modern bridge with the lyrics written on the railing as she travels by, seemingly waiting for her love to return to her. The video’s unconventional, but doesn’t veer so far off that it’s wildly strange; it’s got the right amount that makes it fresh and charming.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of LEE HI’s “Hold My Hand” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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