My Thoughts on SNUPER’s “Platonic Love” Music Video

SNUPER makes their comeback with “Platonic Love.”

This is totally cheating. I’m a sucker for ’80s tunes and this is the complete embodiment of all that is great about the ’80s from the melody and instrumental to the cheesiness and (intentional) crappy video quality, which I love. Even before they started singing, I already knew this was 80% (ha. pun.) of the way to winning me over.

My god, all the cheesy poses with zoom-ins are amazing. You can’t go wrong with an eye glint effect either. I’ve also never seen cleaning look so glorified. If we all had little devices that could suck people into them (isn’t that kind of like a Pokeball?), imagine what we could do with that. Actually instead of sucking the girl into it, so you can clean up the mess… why don’t you just suck up the trash into it?

Anyway, I love the commitment to the ’80s concept with the sound and the visuals, but my one note is that I was kind of brought out of this ’80s world when they random included the crisp, clean shots of the boys dancing in suits. That was inconsistent with the rest of the video & would have been better if they just saved that for their next concept or something.

I didn’t even know this group already made their debut, but they’re on my radar now and I will be avidly keeping my eye on them for hopefully more ’80s goodness??

p.s. I’m a fan of Sweetune & bless them for producing this song.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of SNUPER’s “Platonic Love” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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