My Thoughts on WJSN’s “MoMoMo” Music Video

Starship debuts their latest girl group WJSN, promoting “MoMoMo.”

My first thought was: Wow, there are so many girls. I was super overwhelmed by how many there were. And you kind of can’t help thinking that it’ll be such a battle for each individual member to get some share of the spotlight. It felt like the same few girls were the only ones getting a large portion of screen time, but who knows, maybe I only recognized a few girls and not the rest.

The song starts off with a very pop spacey type instrumental, which is obviously intentional and quite fitting for the group. Plus, the person entering their world is a guy in a spacesuit. Probably the thing that stood out most to me in this video is how amazingly coordinated the deep purple set, picnic-blanket-checkered red/blue, cheerleader-esque royal blue with orange outfits went so well together. I would have not come up with such a combo, but I love the look so much.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of WJSN’s “MoMoMo” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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