My Thoughts on LADIES’ CODE’s “Galaxy” Music Video

LADIES’ CODE makes their return as a 3 member group with “Galaxy.”

It’s great to see that LADIES’ CODE is continuing on despite the terrible tragedy and loss of their 2 members. This particular group holds a little extra meaning for me in that I wrote about them in their debut years as one of the “Rookie Groups to Watch for.” And they really were growing and going somewhere, but things took such an unexpected turn. I really anticipated the growth of the group and although I still do for the remaining 3 members, I can’t help but still wish all 5 of them could have continued growing together.

The girls take it slow for their comeback, which is the smartest way to approach their return to the music scene. For many, slow would point to “ballad” in K-pop world, but I like that they decided to go for something that is in the vein of slow jazz; it reminds me of something that Mystic Entertainment would put out for their artists.

The music video it pretty aesthetically pleasing, although it’s just a singing/dancing video. Can’t say I get what all the visuals mean (but I think a lot of music videos are just a bunch of pretty things thrown together anyway). As LADIES’ CODE is continuing on as a trio, the video references triangles everywhere. But, I really like that they include 2 backup dancers as a nod to their 2 former members.

Glad to see that they’re finding the strength to continue following their dreams and I hope to see a lot more from them.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of LADIES’ CODE’s “Galaxy” music video? Share your thoughts with me!


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