My Thoughts on 4MINUTE’s “Hate” Music Video

Collaborating with Skrillex, 4MINUTE makes their return with “Hate.”

Throughout the entire track, you can hear some quiet synth instrumentals underneath the vocals that really step forward during the chorus. Personally, I feel like there is something jarring about the switch from verse to chorus. I’m feeling everything from the verse up to the build up, but when the chorus comes around, it just sounds like it doesn’t belong. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of an EDM chorus, but it just feels like it should have been different, just something else for it to sound more coherent. But, I will say there is clearly an addictive catchiness to the chorus. I just feel like this chorus should be in a different song.

Most notably, 4MINUTE’s makeup is on point. They look absolutely gorgeous and I like how this makeup style largely differs from their previous concept, showing viewers a different look to 4MINUTE. The shots are quite pretty, but mostly because they’re closeups of 4MINUTE’s faces which I can appreciate. My personal main takeaway is that I really love Hyuna’s sunglasses and I kind of need them now.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of 4MINUTE’s “Hate” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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