My Thoughts on Cross Gene’s “Noona, You” Music Video

Cross Gene returns with “Noona, You.”

The video features Cross Gene going through a rescue mission to save their noona (girlfriend), who has gotten kidnapped by 2 men wearing cardboard boxes on their heads. I mean, I get that lots of people imagine robbers as people wearing clown masks (like in the movies), but a clown face painted on a cardboard box is not the same thing. And it’s really inefficient. Basically, these kidnappers aren’t all that smart, but for whatever reason, they set up a million traps/obstacles that Cross Gene has to overcome to rescue their noona.

The video isn’t supposed to be all that serious, considering how mediocre (at least I think it’s intentional) all the obstacles looked, but I couldn’t really get all that into it. I feel like it had to either be really intentionally crappy to the point of being comical or really well done to the point of being believable for it to have that entertainment value. Maybe it’s also because I don’t really appreciate their wardrobe in the video either.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Cross Gene’s “Noona You” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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