My Thoughts on The Legend’s “Crush On You” Music Video

The Legend is back with a retro pop sound in “Crush On You.”

Previously, The Legend released a ballad and they’ve always been a more vocal group to me than a dance group, so I wasn’t expecting to see them to release an upbeat dance song. Switching it up is always a good idea though.

I’ll just be focusing on some of the sets and shots I liked best in the video. I really liked the fish eye effect in the locker room, especially because the curved view looks really good with the orange stripe on the red lockers. I’m not even sure why they decided to do that, but it turned out to be a really interesting visual. Immediately after that, there’s a dance scene in an empty pool. The red letterman jackets look really good with the blue lines in the pool; it’s just a nice color scheme. Those are my highlights for the video. (However, the rest of their outfits is a completely different story.)

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Stellar’s “Sting” Music Video

Stellar makes their comeback with “Sting.”

Stellar is often recognized for their sexy concepts and while this is not as overt as their past works, the sensuality is very much still there. I really like how they wove sensuality through the video to match their concept. Visually, there’s a lot to like about this video (and no, I wasn’t specifically referring to their legs, but that is a part of the appeal). With the title being “Sting,” I liked the various imagery used in the video such as the mouse arrows poking them and them pricking themselves with tacks and rose thorns.

What caught me offguard was that toward the end the video began featuring choreography. It’s not that it was jarring or smooth, but there was a pretty good aesthetic going that got disrupted by suddenly showcasing a lot more movement in an otherwise very lazy, laidback video. Although, the choreography did have me curious to see what their performance would look like. However, the thing that has me most curious are those white overall shorts that are covered by their pastel tops?? Like what are those?? Well, they certainly did what they were intended for, being extremely attention-catching.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Teen Top’s “Warning Sign” Music Video

Teen Top returns with “Warning Sign.”

This video is pretty slick. I like the way that it’s filmed, but I particularly love all the sets, as they’re all different yet all in the same theme, providing a lot of interesting visuals. Props to the set designer. However, I have to admit that the song really makes it hard for me keep focus on the video. The song is definitely not one of Teen Top’s stronger title tracks and it makes the nearly 4 minute video feel even longer. I really enjoyed the visuals of this video, so if only they could have dropped a better song to fit the video.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Park Yoochun’s “How Much Love Is In Your Wallet?” Music Video

JYJ member Park Yoochun makes his solo debut with “How Much Love is In Your Wallet?”

I have been wondering when he’d make his debut as his fellow members have made their solo debuts long ago. I was a little concerned about how this would go because Yoochun has a very interesting voice, which is both husky and nasally. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy his vocals in group songs, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about an entire solo track. (He has released solo tracks before, but I’m casting those aside for his official Korean solo debut.)

I had no reason to be all that concerned because as it turns out, I really like this song. I enjoy how it’s not the typical love song/party track/sad breakup song and that it’s just about life and hopes for happiness. It’d be nice if there were more introspective songs about life. He delivers the song with a slightly husky and soothing tone and I have to point out that I like that he really controlled his naturally nasal tone and toned it down, smoothening the song’s tone.

The video features a man who is simply struggling to get by in life and to his own shame, he always has to be treated by others. At the end of the video, he sees some dumplings that he wishes to buy, but he’s short on cash. We see in his wallet that there’s a photo of a young girl who appears to be his daughter. The store vendor hands him a bag of dumplings anyway and he tearfully smiles in gratitude. He’s working hard to make ends meet for his daughter and despite life being difficult, he has many little reasons to be happy as he is surrounded by kind people.

For anybody who’s going through some rough patches in life, this is a great soothing and uplifting ballad.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Shin Hyesung’s “Roco Drama” Music Video

SHINHWA’s Shin Hyesung celebrates his 10th anniversary since solo debut with a new album, featuring “Roco Drama” as the title track.

The track is as smooth as the video is, which isn’t filmed B&W but the color scheme consists of B&W tones in dress and lighting. I thought it was pretty interesting that they incorporated a chair into the choreo, particularly because Hyesung is the only one using it and all the standing choreo is adapted into sitting for him. He has often injured himself, hindering his dance performances so using a chair not only adds levels to the choreo, but will also likely decrease his chances of injury again. Favorite move is when they hold their hands together to depict a blossoming flower to the beat of the song during the softer lines preluding the chorus. I really appreciate the attention to the small details and I feel that they really give the video some interesting accents.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Suzy & Baekhyun’s “Dream” Music Video

Suzy and Baekhyun team up in “Dream” for Mystic Entertainment’s first collaboration in their new project series.

To be honest, I never expected a SM x JYP collaboration, much less one happening under another entertainment company, but it’s a pleasant surprise.

There isn’t much to say about the video, but both singers have very beautiful vocals that really complement each other in this duet. Looking forward to more collaborations with Mystic Ent!

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on GIRIBOY’s “Hogu” Music Video

GIRIBOY is back with a doormat anthem about being used by the girl he loves, but he’s willing to give it all up to her in “Hogu,” which means “fool” in English. Essentially, he says love makes him a fool and he knows she’s no good, but he’ll let himself be used for her sake.

Korean hip hop music videos always seem to hit the spot for me and this one’s no different. The video is pretty literal in portraying the girl, sucking the life out of him through a straw and him dressed as an ATM, giving money to her. The video goes through so many different concepts, as it goes from colorful pop to B&W macabre. My favorite is when he trades in luxury brand goods for paper cranes and he flies on them, hoping he’ll finally get to her and have her love solely him.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on K.Will’s “You Call It Romance” Music Video

When will the day come where K.Will gets to star in his own music video as the actual lead?? I guess I can let this one go too because I think the lead female is pretty cute, as the video follows her thoughts and feelings.

The video basically features a girl who is in a relationship, but is treated kindly by a good-looking guy (MONSTA X’s Hyungwon) and she feels swayed by his kindness. However, she gets back to her senses and realizes she’s truly in love with her boyfriend. I really like how they depicted the story, especially with the way how every time she’s thinking about love, everything she touches turns into sweets. Also, the very literal depiction of her boyfriend and her potential crush fighting it out in the boxing ring on TV was a great way to portray her inner battle. Overall, I really enjoyed this video!

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Dal Shabet’s “Someone Like U” Music Video

Dal Shabet is back again with firearms in “Someone Like U.”

Yes, for more 80s inspired music! The resurgence of 80s style music is definitely welcome to me, especially when it’s well done and Dal Shabet delivers with this comeback. To be honest, I’m not all that familiar with Dal Shabet’s music, but if they continue to make more music in this vein, I’ll probably have to keep an eye on them.

As for the music video, the concept isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. It’s about a group of girls who find out they’re all dating the same guy & go seek him for revenge, which was pretty mild. They just shot streamers at him (out of a gun), so I’m not sure if that even counts as revenge; that’s kind of more celebratory than anything else.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on SEKAI NO OWARI’s “Mr. Heartache” Music Video

SEKAI NO OWARI kicked off the new year with a brand new music video for “Mr. Heartache.” The track was produced by Owl City and was actually released sometime around the fall last year. Not sure why it took a while for a music video to be made, but it’s here now!

As one might be able to guess from the song title, lead singer Fukase suffers from heartache after seeing his crush get with somebody else and the video basically just shows how Fukase and the band gets over heartache: party in outrageous body suits. There’s also a pink haired guy with intense side burns and shorts who seems to be “Mr. Heartache” who comes in to cheer up Fukase, invite his band members over and party non-stop.

The video is spectacularly random with the members dressed as vegetables and animals (which I obviously would love), partying hard until they KO & waking up to do it all over again. If heartache really came in the form of a man with intense pink hair and questionable fashion, maybe I wouldn’t mind getting heartbroken.

It’s a fun, upbeat feel-good song and I’m loving that SEKAI NO OWARI is releasing heaps of English songs. So, when will they be touring in the US??

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of SEKAI NO OWARI’s “Mr. Heartache” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!