My Thoughts on PSY’s “NAPAL BAJI” Music Video

PSY is finally back with 2 title tracks with this post being about “Napal Baji.”

Without knowing any Korean, I’m sure viewers can guess that “Napal Baji” means bellbottoms in English. The Korean phrase “Napal baji” literally translates to trumpet trousers (because that’s what bellbottoms look like to Korean people). What I love about this song is that not only is the song about bellbottoms and just living your life your own way, but the song plays on “trumpet trousers” and incorporates horns into the song too. Basically, everything connects and I like how it all cleverly came together.

The music video is full of fun special effects from PSY staring at his reflection in a mirror and then pulling said reflection through the mirror to sets falling onto PSY and his dancers that turn into a stage they start dancing on. Also, love all the scenes that have sets moving around to reveal other sets making this sort of continuous traveling story. He’s just such a fun performer and storyteller.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of PSY’s “NAPAL BAJI” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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