My Thoughts on RANIA’s “Demonstrate” Music Video

RANIA returns with some new members for “Demonstrate.”

RANIA came onto the scene with a really memorable debut “Dr. Feel Good,” but they kind of faded out to me after that. I have to say “Demonstrate” sounds a lot more like their debut and is pretty solid. This isn’t an instant earworm, but it grows on you. I think if they keep going with this, the group can really grow. The video’s all performance and I think they really nailed some interesting choreo, plus the gum prop is a really nice touch.

One of the newest members Alex is said to be the first non-Asian (half black/half white) artist to join K-pop, so that’s been making some waves in the K-pop community. She was unable to feature in the music video for “Demonstrate” as she didn’t have a working Korean visa yet, but she’s currently promoting with RANIA on live shows. They featured her in the music video teaser, so I don’t really get why they didn’t use that footage to include her in the music video if they couldn’t wait for her visa to film the video. In any case, people are very skeptical as to whether she will truly be a new member of RANIA, but they’ll have to wait until RANIA’s next single to find out.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of RANIA’s “Demonstrate” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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