My Thoughts on ZICO’s “Boys and Girls” Music Video

ZICO returns with another solo track featuring Babylon in “Boys and Girls.”

The song and video have a cheerful and light melody which would make it really suitable for summer, but for whatever reason, ZICO decided to drop this in fall/winter. I’m a fan of Babylon’s voice, so I think he’s a great fit for the song (but those grillz gotta go.) In general, this styling is really quite strange, but I think they were going for outlandish, bright and loud, so if that’s really their aim, then they succeeded.

All hip hop tracks gotta have girls in bikinis, right? So, there they are. The video is shot at a bunch of luxury looking spots like in a huge house, on a boat, at a golf course etc etc which I think was filmed in a fun way. For me, the best part of the video is when Babylon shows off some choreo with the back up dancers.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of ZICO’s “Boys and Girls” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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