My Thoughts on HIGH4’s “D.O.A. (Dead or Alive)” Music Video

HIGH4 is back with an upbeat track titled “D.O.A. (Dead or Alive).” People may not realize it, but this is actually HIGH4’s 3rd comeback this year (Day by Day, Baby Boy, and now D.O.A.).

It seems like the group is now leaning toward a more popular hip hop-influenced style of pop, in comparison to their earlier days. “D.O.A.” is a definitely a track made for performance. To be honest, I feel like it’s something I’ve heard before, not because I think it’s plagiarized or anything, but because it sounds kind of generic and a lot like what’s already out there in K-pop. Looking back at their earlier work, I feel like they had a lot more individuality and unique music, so they definitely have the potential. I’d say this is a case of poor song choice and the powers-that-be just having them do something more mainstream. I guess you could call this the safe, but not exciting route.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of HIGH4’s “D.O.A. (Dead or Alive)” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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