My Thoughts on IU’s “Twenty Three” Music Video

IU is back with an upbeat track “Twenty Three.”

Since before her release dropped, news of her 2-year long relationship with Jang Giha was revealed. Previously, she was dubbed as Korea’s national little sister with netizens praising her for her vocals and pure image. Things have kind of changed since then, as she’s been involved in a bunch of scandals with various male stars. Netizens have been giving her the pass all this time, but many of them aren’t having it now that her current relationship’s been revealed since she posted a compromising photo with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk a few years back which ultimately ruined his image, while she managed to come out unscathed. Many netizens are annoyed with her IU, as people were apparently led to believe she was involved with Eunhyuk but she was actually in a relationship with Jang Giha and she never tried to clear Eunhyuk’s name from all the criticism thrown his way.

I usually don’t include this kind of stuff in my posts, but I thought it would help contextualize IU’s latest release “Twenty Three.” What to do when the public loves you for your voice, hates you for your scandals, but now only decided to vocalize it? Make a song about it. I have no real opinion about IU and her personal actions (since I don’t really know what she’s doing), but I think it’s clever of her to throw netizens’ hypocrisy back at them through song. Although IU is responsible for her own actions, it’s not her fault that netizens were so in love with her image they overlooked her previous scandals and now they’re all picking at her every flaw. Plus, I like how she says in the song that people insist she’s either a fox or a bear and she can only be one, but even she doesn’t know what she is.

I’m not defending IU for her alleged actions, but I think that she made good on her current situation and came out with an interesting track.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of IU’s “Twenty Three” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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