My Thoughts on XIA’s “Yesterday” Music Video

XIA is back with an emotional ballad “Yesterday.”

This mini album is most likely his last release before he enlists in the military, which is mega depressing for me since 1) he’s my favorite and 2) the song is really depressing too. It never occurred to me that Junsu’s never released a ballad title track, despite him being most well known for his vocals.

The ballad is about a man wanting to spend the rest of his life with his lover, but he never got the chance to tell her. The music video reflects the song lyrics in that a man gets into a fight with his lover and a disaster falls upon the city, killing her. He rushes to her side and cries over her body, regretting not telling her how much he loved her before it was too late. There’s a lot of symbolic stuff in there that I’m just not going to interpret because that’s a bit too time consuming for me.

Absolutely in love with the song and although I read news of Junsu not expecting to do any TV promotions, I really hope he’ll be able to promote his music in ways other than his mini album and concerts.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of XIA’s “Yesterday” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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