My Thoughts on BTOB’s “Way Back Home” Music Video

BTOB returns with another ballad “Way Back Home.”

The video features Ilhoon as the main character who has a deaf mother. Ilhoon is feeling the pressure of improving in boxing because he won the high school division championship. Changseob is Ilhoon’s friend who ran away from home and does all sorts of things to make money like stealing. Ilhoon accompanies Changseob to a pawnshop to sell some lost/stolen phones, but they receive less than expected and point it out. The two run into Hyunshik, who used to box with Ilhoon and tells them of a gig that can give them a lot of money. They end up getting their money stolen and beaten up by Eunkwang and Peniel, which has them agreeing to Hyunshik’s mentioned gig. Turns out it’s to break up a protest held by deaf people and Ilhoon sees his mother there. He rushes to protect her and ends up getting beaten again. Ilhoon, Changseob and Hyunshik flee the scene so as not to get caught. The three reconcile and agree to put this kind of life behind them. The three end up back in school together. Like the title suggests, the three “find their way back home.”

I feel like through variety show/contest/TV appearances, BTOB is becoming more recognized for their vocal talent, but I feel like the recent ballads given to the boys don’t seem to be really utilizing and showcasing all that skill. What I mean is I think the members select better songs to sing on shows than the songs that their company selects for them. When will CUBE do them justice?

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of BTOB’s “Way Back Home” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


One thought on “My Thoughts on BTOB’s “Way Back Home” Music Video

  1. The MV itself is pretty decent, and suit the whole song. I pretty much agree with the fact that they are getting more exposure with their vocal skills, besides their entertainment skills keke~ BUT I think they shine more on stage, compared to in the CD and the MV. If there are people who don’t watch their comeback stage, they would think that the song is just a so-so, just like what I think – probably because I expect an unbeat song after Kwenchana, OR at least a stronger song… however, when I watched their live performance of Way Back Home, I have to take back all my words. I watched it once, and it totally changed my view of the song and I have to say that they really showing the manly, stronger-vocal, and stylish them.


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