My Thoughts on Taeyeon’s “I” Music Video

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon finally makes her solo debut with “I.”

The music video was filmed in New Zealand and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The visuals and scenery are stunning, so if you didn’t already want to go to NZ… now you probably do. There isn’t much to the storyline other than Taeyeon working at a restaurant that she’s unhappy with and she eventually quits, freeing herself.

The song really did it for me and the modern rock makes such a great debut song for her. I like how the song isn’t about showing off her vocal prowess by having her do amazing runs and belting, but showcasing her musicality and vocals by successfully singing in a genre quite different than what she’s accustomed to doing with Girls’ Generation. This is definitely one of my newer on-repeat songs.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Taeyeon’s “I” music video? Share your thoughts with me!


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