My Thoughts on SEKAI NO OWARI’s “SOS” Music Video

SEKAI NO OWARI is back with another English track titled “SOS,” which will also be the theme song for the 2nd part to the live-action Attack on Titan film.

Much of SEKAI NO OWARI’s recent music has been upbeat, cheerful with a tinkling sound to it, but to my surprise, the group released a ballad with few instrumentals save a piano and guitar. It’s a really pretty, lulling melody that I wouldn’t have expected to be the theme song for a gory action film. Plus, the lyrics carry a sweet message too. And Fukase’s English has improved so much; it sounds great!

As for the video, it takes place in a black & white world, but a mysterious colorful creature dances around joyfully and inspires the other B&W creatures to dance along. However one day, the colorful creature fades away and leaves behind a colorful puddle, which actually made me quite sad & for some reason reminded me of when Bing Bong died in “Inside Out” :<

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of SEKAI NO OWARI’s “SOS” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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