My Thoughts on IU’s “Twenty Three” Music Video

IU is back with an upbeat track “Twenty Three.”

Since before her release dropped, news of her 2-year long relationship with Jang Giha was revealed. Previously, she was dubbed as Korea’s national little sister with netizens praising her for her vocals and pure image. Things have kind of changed since then, as she’s been involved in a bunch of scandals with various male stars. Netizens have been giving her the pass all this time, but many of them aren’t having it now that her current relationship’s been revealed since she posted a compromising photo with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk a few years back which ultimately ruined his image, while she managed to come out unscathed. Many netizens are annoyed with her IU, as people were apparently led to believe she was involved with Eunhyuk but she was actually in a relationship with Jang Giha and she never tried to clear Eunhyuk’s name from all the criticism thrown his way.

I usually don’t include this kind of stuff in my posts, but I thought it would help contextualize IU’s latest release “Twenty Three.” What to do when the public loves you for your voice, hates you for your scandals, but now only decided to vocalize it? Make a song about it. I have no real opinion about IU and her personal actions (since I don’t really know what she’s doing), but I think it’s clever of her to throw netizens’ hypocrisy back at them through song. Although IU is responsible for her own actions, it’s not her fault that netizens were so in love with her image they overlooked her previous scandals and now they’re all picking at her every flaw. Plus, I like how she says in the song that people insist she’s either a fox or a bear and she can only be one, but even she doesn’t know what she is.

I’m not defending IU for her alleged actions, but I think that she made good on her current situation and came out with an interesting track.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on N.Flying’s “Lonely” Music Video

Rookie band N.Flying returns with “Lonely.”

I feel like this music video is a really good example of how to make a lipsyncing video interesting. Usually not much goes on in a lipsyncing video other than close ups of great makeup and styling, but the filming and editing keeps the video dynamic, giving the viewer a lot of different intriguing visuals. There’s really a lot going on in the video, as the camera pans across various sets. One of my favorite shots is filmed from above, when the four members are stepping out of this tiny room, each exiting out of a different door.

I’d say this is a pretty good follow up to their debut “Awesome,” as it features another side to the band. I actually prefer this song to their upbeat debut track and I’m interested to see where they go from here.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Kim Dongwan’s “I’m Fine” Music Video

SHINHWA’s Kim Dongwan releases new track “I’m Fine.”

I don’t really follow Dongwan’s solo efforts, so I’m not familiar with what his musical style is. But, I was surprised to see him playing with a band. Plus, I’m so used to seeing Dongwan’s goofy self on variety shows back when Love Letter was on, so I wasn’t expecting the sad band song. It’s got that repetitive, catchy melody that I’m sure I’ll listen to when I’m feeling down.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on TWICE’s “Like Ooh-Ahh” Music Video

TWICE makes their debut with “Like Ooh-Ahh.”

I feel like there was a lot of hype for this group, especially since the members participated in the competition survival show “Sixteen,” which gave them a lot of exposure pre-debut. I was a little worried that the hype would set my expectations a bit too high, which unfortunately is what happened for me. I was expecting the song to be an instant like, but it really took me a couple listens. And even so, it’s only the chorus that really hooked me. The song certainly reminds me of miss A kind of song, but cuter which makes it more suitable for TWICE.

But, I definitely see the appeal of the group though. The music video gives ample screen time to each member and shows how diverse their styles are. Ultimately, the girls look like they’re enjoying themselves and show off their individual charms in the video. I’ll be sticking around to hearing what they release next.

Check out the video below!

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My Thoughts on ToppDogg’s “The Beat” Music Video

ToppDogg comes back with “The Beat.”

From what I’ve heard, ToppDogg’s discography has always had a bit of a chaotic sound. Chaos isn’t always bad, but I think this song veers into just being messy, trying to combine a lot of sounds and styles that end up sounding like a bunch of noise. The combination of the vocals and instrumental didn’t really engage me, as it felt like it had no real direction.

My issue with the video is the lighting and filming. I get that the video is supposed to have that hazy feel to it, but the flashing lights on neon props is really dizzying and headache-inducing. It makes it hard to focus on the boys performing. The hairstyles don’t help either.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on XIA’s “Yesterday” Music Video

XIA is back with an emotional ballad “Yesterday.”

This mini album is most likely his last release before he enlists in the military, which is mega depressing for me since 1) he’s my favorite and 2) the song is really depressing too. It never occurred to me that Junsu’s never released a ballad title track, despite him being most well known for his vocals.

The ballad is about a man wanting to spend the rest of his life with his lover, but he never got the chance to tell her. The music video reflects the song lyrics in that a man gets into a fight with his lover and a disaster falls upon the city, killing her. He rushes to her side and cries over her body, regretting not telling her how much he loved her before it was too late. There’s a lot of symbolic stuff in there that I’m just not going to interpret because that’s a bit too time consuming for me.

Absolutely in love with the song and although I read news of Junsu not expecting to do any TV promotions, I really hope he’ll be able to promote his music in ways other than his mini album and concerts.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on UNIQ’s “Best Friend” Music Video

UNIQ celebrates their first anniversary with “Best Friend.”

As every group needs one of these kinds of videos, the MV features the boys having fun and generally being homies. The song is dedicated to their fans and since their fandom name is Unicorn, they represent their fans in the video with a stuffed animal unicorn. It’s a feel-good song and a sweet gift to their fans.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Kyuhyun’s “A Million Pieces” Music Video

Kyuhyun drops another release “A Million Pieces” in time for fall.

No matter how pleasant Kyuhyun’s voice is or how pretty the scenery is, I cannot erase how creepy this music video is. If you’re following a woman around and end up saying “I’m not a weird person” to her, you’re probably very weird. Who makes the bet “Shall we see if we end up in the same place in an hour?” You’ve obviously been following her, so you could just follow her again and win the bet. To be honest, I had a very hard time getting through the entire video since I was ready to check out after he forced her to hug him. So, I’m gonna erase this music video from my memory and pretend Kyuhyun’s “At Gwanghwamun” is the only music video he’s ever released.

I mean, did Kyuhyun deserve this creepy stalker concept of a music video? (No.) What a waste of a pleasant ballad and a trip to Europe (?) to film this otherwise pretty scenic music video.

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on BTOB’s “Way Back Home” Music Video

BTOB returns with another ballad “Way Back Home.”

The video features Ilhoon as the main character who has a deaf mother. Ilhoon is feeling the pressure of improving in boxing because he won the high school division championship. Changseob is Ilhoon’s friend who ran away from home and does all sorts of things to make money like stealing. Ilhoon accompanies Changseob to a pawnshop to sell some lost/stolen phones, but they receive less than expected and point it out. The two run into Hyunshik, who used to box with Ilhoon and tells them of a gig that can give them a lot of money. They end up getting their money stolen and beaten up by Eunkwang and Peniel, which has them agreeing to Hyunshik’s mentioned gig. Turns out it’s to break up a protest held by deaf people and Ilhoon sees his mother there. He rushes to protect her and ends up getting beaten again. Ilhoon, Changseob and Hyunshik flee the scene so as not to get caught. The three reconcile and agree to put this kind of life behind them. The three end up back in school together. Like the title suggests, the three “find their way back home.”

I feel like through variety show/contest/TV appearances, BTOB is becoming more recognized for their vocal talent, but I feel like the recent ballads given to the boys don’t seem to be really utilizing and showcasing all that skill. What I mean is I think the members select better songs to sing on shows than the songs that their company selects for them. When will CUBE do them justice?

Check out the music video below!

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My Thoughts on Zion.T’s “No Makeup” Music Video

Zion.T returns with a slick monochrome video for “No Makeup.”

Like usual, the R&B singer drops another smooth, mellow track that’s all too easy to groove to. As the title suggests, “No Makeup” is about how Zion.T thinks his lover looks prettiest without makeup.

Not too much going on with the video, but the song does more than enough to keep the interest of the listener.

Check out the music video below!

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