My Thoughts on FT Island’s “Puppy” Music Video

FT Island surprises fans with a Korean version to their Japanese song “Puppy.”

They’ve been out of the Korean music scene for a while, but I really loved their previous title track “Pray.” You could say “Puppy” is pretty much the total opposite of “Pray” though. It’s a silly lighthearted song about their cute, puppy-like girlfriend.

Hongki basically spends the entire video searching for his puppy with no help from his band members and even when a hot babe walks into the room with pizza, he’s got no time for her when he’s on the lookout for his puppy. (That’s how serious he is.) In the end, he finds his “puppy” in the form of Jaejin wearing a dog outfit on his bed.

Can’t say I love the song. The melody isn’t all that bad, but the lyrics don’t do it for me. Glad it’s not a title track, but it’s nice for the band to drop a surprise song for fans. Really hoping to hear more songs like “Pray” on their next Korean album!

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of FT Island’s “Puppy” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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