My Thoughts on myB’s “My Oh My” Music Video

Rookie female group myB makes their debut with “My Oh My.”

A friend asked me what myB stands for and I’m not really sure, but my guess is my baby? Anybody can tell me what it stands for? Funny if it does stand for my baby because the first thing I thought of when I saw all their blonde hair was debut BAP.

The girls of myB go for a cheerful, energetic concept with their debut song, performing dynamic moves in colorful outfits. I find that this works really well for them & I personally prefer the cheerful, energetic concept over the cute, innocent concept for rookie girl groups anyway. I think the group’s energy and dynamic shows a lot of promise, so I’ll keep an eye out for their future stuff.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of myB’s “My Oh My” music video? Share your thoughts with me!


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