My Thoughts on B1A4’s “Sweet Girl” Music Video

B1A4 returns as ultra romantic men in “Sweet Girl.”

The video starts off with B1A4 and OH MY GIRL’s Jiho meeting at a jazz club and the scenarios begin to play out. Gongchan is a prince, CNU is a magician, Jinyoung is a… I don’t know he’s hanging out with her in a tent, Baro is a lost guy trying to follow her in a house full of doors, while Sandeul frolics in the clouds with her. I really like how the video uses a lot of pink and blue hues as its central color scheme. Although I find the scenarios a bit cheesy for my taste, I think they’re depicted in a really visually pleasing way, particularly CNU and Sandeul’s scenes. I think the costuming and set design and colors were really nice for Jinyoung’s scenes. This kind of concept really fits B1A4 and it’s nice to see a male group come back with a softer, more delicate kind of pop song.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of B1A4’s “Sweet Girl” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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