My Thoughts on BEAST’s “Gotta Go to Work” Music Video

BEAST gears up for their comeback, dropping their pre-release track “Gotta Go to Work.”

The song is about a man who really loves his girlfriend and he keeps wanting to spend time with her, but he has to go to work for their sake. He keeps feeling tempted by her and he just wants to be by her side longer, but has to basically drag himself to work. The video essentially reflects the song with Dujun as the lead.

Although all the singing scenes are filmed on only one set in this makeshift tent, the video keeps it engaging with all the little quirks in Dujun’s storytelling scenes. Whenever Dujun tries to leave for work, he’s always leaving as if on a conveyor belt which I think is a fun way to represent his reluctance to leave that something else has to transport him. The same goes with how he keeps getting drawn back to his lover, symbolized by magnets. Found it super cute that Dujun and his lover communicate through stringed paper cups. But, my favorite part of the video is that when he gets off work, he leaps over a hurdle with confetti flying all around to signify his little victory in finally getting to go home. Plus, I thought it was a nice touch that they replayed it 3 times, each time more zoomed in & in time with the telephone rings in the song.

Personally, I haven’t been into many of BEAST’s recent songs, but I found this quite pleasant. Looking forward to hearing their real comeback song!

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of BEAST’s “Gotta Go to Work” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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