My Thoughts on Super Junior’s “Devil” Music Video

Super Junior makes their return with “Devil.”

The music video has the exact same vibe as their previous “MAMACITA” (both produced by Zanybros) with all the comic book-esque editing. Although sadly, it’s not as humorous. Well, you can’t have it all. This music video is not nearly as interesting as “MAMACITA,” but the song is heaps better.

Frankly, the music video storyline has no cohesion at all except for the simple fact that Super Junior all like the same “devil” woman and nobody gets her. Each scene is so irrelevant to the next and it’s just rationalized by “movie titles” but actually, everything is just random. It almost feels like this music video is just trying to remind us who each member is with how every 5 seconds, a name title will flash by. If I was bored and had the time, I would count all the times their names showed up in the music video just to make my point. (Don’t worry, Super Junior’s been around for a decade. I know who you all are.) But honestly, the redeeming point is that the song is actually one of their better recent title tracks, which is a pleasant surprise.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Super Junior’s “Devil” music video? Share your thoughts with me!


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