My Thoughts on Apink’s “Remember” Music Video

Apink joins the summer comeback rush with “Remember.”

The music video’s got every scene to fulfill the summer music video requirement with scenes on a boat, on the beach (day & night), in a field and even by the poolside. So instead of writing about stuff we always see, I’ll write about the things that stuck out to me in the video, which are all styling-related.

I never thought I’d love the combo, but I really liked Namjoo’s yellow eyeliner & pink liner on her bottom lash line, coupled with the light pink lipstick. Bomi’s rainbow color-blocked nails are super cute too.

Bomi’s hair goes through some crazy changes in this video. It’s bright pink, blonde and this faded pink/blonde mix. I saw some offstage photos of Bomi and her hair looks wrecked from all the coloring. Crazy colors are fun and all, but damaged/falling hair isn’t. Hoping that her coordis will take better care of her hair and tone it down a bit or else there won’t be hair to dye anymore.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Apink’s “Remember” music video? Share your thoughts with me!


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