My Thoughts on TVXQ Changmin’s “Rise as One” Music Video

With Yunho having recently enlisted in the military, both members of TVXQ released solo songs.

Changmin’s “Rise as One” is an EDM ballad and it reminded me of something like a more vocally talented version of Beat Burger’s “She’s So High,” which Changmin featured in as a MV lead. I wonder if starring in that MV inspired him to choose “Rise as One” as his solo song.

Can’t say I really get what the video is all about. There are 2 little boys who appear to live together in an abandoned warehouse and they’re pretty tight. They’re probably Changmin and Yunho. They play with butterflies together and they frolic in the rain together. You can briefly see Changmin and Yunho lying on some glass boxes, so that seems to signify them going into a slumber/hiatus. A random dancing lady appears, but my guess is she’s some human embodiment of rain?? Don’t get why she’s there. They collect a bunch of old TV monitors, somehow having electricity in this old warehouse and plug it all in… only to set it all on fire. Why?? Well, they certainly don’t care since soon after, they hitch a ride on the back of some random car and end up by the sea, away from the burning TVs. The end.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Changmin’s “Rise as One” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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