My Thoughts on GOT7’s “Just Right” Music Video

GOT7 is back with “Just Right” for the summer.

All of GOT7’s music videos thus far haven’t been all that impressive to me, but “Just Right” is definitely their best and most fun one yet. The video starts off with a young girl who is crying because she’s unsatisfied with how she looks, but suddenly her vanity desk draw starts shaking and she opens it to find a tiny Jackson in it (then later discovers the rest of the tiny GOT7 members). How nice would it be to have a bunch of tiny men tell you that you’re “just right” the way you are? Well, that’s actually kind of creepy, but the intention is nice.

“Just Right” is a cute summer pop song that’s got an easygoing rhythm to it. It sounds like the sort of song that would have heaps of fan service. Love the sets, particularly Bam Bam’s scene in the cereal bowl. I thought it was a nice touch how they added the effects to make the milk seem like liquid when it actually is just a flat white surface he’s laying on.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of GOT7’s “Just Right” music video? Share your thoughts with me?


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