My Thoughts on TEEN TOP’s “Ah Ah” Music Video

TEEN TOP joins the summer comeback wave with “Ah Ah” (Korean title translates to “From Morning Until Morning”).

The introductory music that plays at the beginning of the video lead me to believe the song was going to be another one of Teen Top’s signature crazy upbeat party songs that feature lots of flashy, fancy footwork. Turns out the song is actually much more toned down than their typical dance tracks and features very lax instrumentals, a change that I personally really like. The only signature thing that remains in this video is the fancy footwork. I get that TEEN TOP is well known for their impressive choreography, but I don’t think the frantic footwork is necessary at all for this song & is actually kind of overkill.

My favorite things about the video are actually the sets: the bright blue/pink diner and the gas station. The gas station is particularly great because they used it in both a “daylight” and “nighttime” setting where the gas station takes on two completely different looks: original and with neon lights.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of TEEN TOP’s “ah-ah” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


One thought on “My Thoughts on TEEN TOP’s “Ah Ah” Music Video

  1. Omg! NIEL with black hair? i ❤ it. everyones style is awsome they look good. Also i agree with the choreography it was a little to much but it works lol i cant stop listening to this song!!!!


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