My Thoughts on Kim Tae Woo’s “Lonely Funk” Music Video

GOD’s Kim Tae Woo releases summer funk track “Lonely Funk” featuring Jay Park. There’s been a lot of music recently particularly in the Korean hip hop scene about rappers talking about how everything they do is “hip hop” no matter what. Kim Tae Woo would be the funk version, proclaiming his lone love for funk. I guess that’s the nice thing about funk because even if you’re alone, funk’s just inherently all about the good feels.

The music video is full of energy and bright colors, making it a perfect fit for the summer season. Although, I’d have to say this is another music video that joins the random, senseless category. It appears that Kim Tae Woo gets bit by a spider in his sleep and suddenly has sunglasses that will not detach themselves from his face? And I guess he has the superpower to go into TVs and interrupt scheduled programming, making comedian Kim Joon Hyun (cameo) sad for ruining his TV watching session. There are zombies, fellow GOD member Danny Ahn getting ready to have some sexy time with a chick, other chicks doing yoga, and random dance party scenes throughout the video, which pretty much sums up everything.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Kim Tae Woo’s “Lonely Funk” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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