My Thoughts on 2PM’s “My House” Music Video

2PM makes their return with “My House.”

Something about the song feels like eating a stale cookie. It’s not bad, but it’s not really great either. With summer being such a competitive time for Kpop acts, this doesn’t sound like something that’ll be a strong contender.

What I do like though is the concept. I think it’s clever that they decided to pursue a fairytale concept with Cinderella rushing to go home, but meets a bunch of guys trying to woo her & “take her home.” (Now the real question is why didn’t any of them try to woo her earlier during the party instead of literally waiting until the last second? Where did all this extra time come from?) Although, the concept execution kind of falls short. I get that 2PM are supposed to wear prince-like garb (with many of them looking like something from a Disney movie) except the outfits are aren’t designed well, looking drab, unflattering and outdated.

I want JYP to stop including so many weird vocal effects in his songs too. I don’t need to hear any squeaky synthy voices in any JYP song ever again.

But well, the most important thing to note: the female lead’s dress is gorgeous.

What do you think of 2PM’s “My House” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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