My Thoughts on Primary’s “Mannequin” Music Video

Primary releases a new track titled “Mannequin” with rapper Beenzino and vocalist Suran.

I’ve never heard of Suran before, but I will most definitely keep tabs on her. She has such a colorful vocal tone. If I were to describe it, she has husky yet light voice… something like a less intense version of Mad Soul Child’s Jinsil. Jinsil’s vocals have a very rich, dark sound, but Suran’s is very bright and flittering. She really makes the song for me as it just fits so perfectly with the singer’s perspective.

“Mannequin” is a song about a girl who sees the dazzling, fashionable girls of Garosugil who seem so perfect like mannequins & despite them being all the same, she still wants to be like them. The chorus echoes the phrase “Manne-mannequin / Money money queen” which reflects all the money it costs to be perfect like them. Although the girl is just a street performer, she constantly takes all of the coins she earns to buy accessories and things just to get one inch closer to being like the chic fashionistas.

Beenzino comes in to give the guy perspective of being with a “mannequin girl.” He raps about giving everything to her from money to fame & even though he’s broke and he knows she’s superficial, he can’t help but do it because of how beautiful she is.

I really enjoyed how the song and music video decided to approach this idea and showed kind of how silly and desperate the lead girl is. She spends all her earnings to buy hats and hats, but she’s still got a long way to become a “mannequin girl.” She constantly stares at the mannequins in the glass window, pawing at the window and even sleeps in front of the window. I think this is a great example of using music to make commentary on a societal issue & doing it in a breezy, melodic way that some people may overlook the diss in it.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Primary’s “Mannequin” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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