My Thoughts on BTS’ “For You” Music Video

BTS releases original Japanese track “For You.” Is this their first original Japanese song? I don’t keep up, so I’m not really sure. But one thing’s for sure, this sounds a lot more natural than their Japanese-translated songs. Their Japanese pronunciation has improved a lot & I can actually understand what they’re saying the whole way through, so props to that.

I was so distracted the entire music video because of the opening scene. If that is not the most imposter rip-off mascot costume of Winnie the Pooh that has ever existed on this planet, I don’t know what is. He’s basically just the brown clothed version of Winnie the Pooh!! Tell me who made this outfit. I’ll fight this person and defend Winnie the Pooh’s honor.

Jungkook basically is working a bunch of jobs ’cause he’s saving up to meet his girl. His buddies find a flyer from where he’s working as a Winnie the Pooh imposter, so they figure out what he’s doing & all pitch in to work at various jobs to help him out. What homies. The buddies present him with a flight ticket and off Jungkook goes to meet his girlfriend. What a clever music video that’ll have fans’ hearts aflutter. This music video gets bonus points considering that international fans can fantasize about BTS working hard to save money to come and visit them. I have all the praise for the MV director and producer for being so damn clever. You win at the game.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of BTS’ “For You” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


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