My Thoughts on JUJU’s “Playback” Music Video

JUJU releases a feel-good summer song “Playback” with an equally fun music video.

I think it’s really fun how the video features “28 lessons” that’ll ensure you have a great summer. Nothing complex about the video, but what more do you need in a summer video than people having fun together on the beach? The song’s got that addictive pop melody that’ll easily fit right into any summer playlist.

All the girls are styled so gorgeously that this video kind of feels like watching a Lookbook in motion. I just want all their outfits and accessories!

Loved lesson #23 which really was a nice touch to the summer vibe of the video! (You’ll have to watch the video to find out what that is.)

Check out the video below!

What are your thoughts on JUJU’s “Playback” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!


My Thoughts on Kim Tae Woo’s “Lonely Funk” Music Video

GOD’s Kim Tae Woo releases summer funk track “Lonely Funk” featuring Jay Park. There’s been a lot of music recently particularly in the Korean hip hop scene about rappers talking about how everything they do is “hip hop” no matter what. Kim Tae Woo would be the funk version, proclaiming his lone love for funk. I guess that’s the nice thing about funk because even if you’re alone, funk’s just inherently all about the good feels.

The music video is full of energy and bright colors, making it a perfect fit for the summer season. Although, I’d have to say this is another music video that joins the random, senseless category. It appears that Kim Tae Woo gets bit by a spider in his sleep and suddenly has sunglasses that will not detach themselves from his face? And I guess he has the superpower to go into TVs and interrupt scheduled programming, making comedian Kim Joon Hyun (cameo) sad for ruining his TV watching session. There are zombies, fellow GOD member Danny Ahn getting ready to have some sexy time with a chick, other chicks doing yoga, and random dance party scenes throughout the video, which pretty much sums up everything.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Kim Tae Woo’s “Lonely Funk” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on 2PM’s “My House” Music Video

2PM makes their return with “My House.”

Something about the song feels like eating a stale cookie. It’s not bad, but it’s not really great either. With summer being such a competitive time for Kpop acts, this doesn’t sound like something that’ll be a strong contender.

What I do like though is the concept. I think it’s clever that they decided to pursue a fairytale concept with Cinderella rushing to go home, but meets a bunch of guys trying to woo her & “take her home.” (Now the real question is why didn’t any of them try to woo her earlier during the party instead of literally waiting until the last second? Where did all this extra time come from?) Although, the concept execution kind of falls short. I get that 2PM are supposed to wear prince-like garb (with many of them looking like something from a Disney movie) except the outfits are aren’t designed well, looking drab, unflattering and outdated.

I want JYP to stop including so many weird vocal effects in his songs too. I don’t need to hear any squeaky synthy voices in any JYP song ever again.

But well, the most important thing to note: the female lead’s dress is gorgeous.

What do you think of 2PM’s “My House” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on Gesu no Kiwami Otome’s “Romance ga Arimaru” Music Video

Gesu no Kiwami Otome returns with a new song “Romance ga Arimaru,” which I would roughly translate it to “Romance is a Luxury.” (This is not the exact translation of the title. I kind of tweaked it based on the song lyrics & so it would sound better as a title in English.)

Gesu always comes up with such aesthetically interesting music videos to watch. The video is filmed in black & white and starts off with Enon & Chan Mari playing the keyboard before repeatedly showing shots of Enon sitting on a sofa chair and zooming out to reveal furniture that is later replaced by the other members. There are a lot of different ideas that they play on throughout the video, but I’ll just highlight my favorites.

I am not entirely sure how this music video was filmed whether it was done with a camera that panned the round stage or a 360 stop motion camera… or both. I really enjoyed how the video featured both motion (the group playing their instruments) and still images (the members just holding a pose & seeing it in diff angles) on the seemingly rotating stage. I thought it was great how the side of the swept across the screen, turning it to black & lit up to focus on Enon when he sang the bridge. It was a great visual transition that reflected the song’s change as well. They used the same technique too when the bridge went back into the chorus again too.

You can always count on Gesu no Kiwami Otome to release great music with an equally engaging music video.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Gesu no Kiwami Otome’s “Romance ga Arimaru” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on BTS’ “Dope” Music Video

BTS recently made their comeback with “I Need U” and are now promoting their followup track “Dope.”

I didn’t think BTS would really follow through with their “growing up” concept where they previously dressed as schoolboys in “Boy in Luv” and now they’re like working professionals in “Dope.” There are some members whose occupations are really obvious like J-Hope is a car racer & Jin is a doctor… but others aren’t so clear… particularly just Rap Monster. What occupation are you supposed to be doing? I can’t tell by your outfit. Love that V is dressed as Detective Conan though! I’m curious how they picked their roles though. Perhaps childhood dream jobs?

It’s a dance-centric video that shows off their impressive, energetic dance skills. Considering that this is a video for a follow-up track, I think having them dress up as various roles and dance is a fun way to come back, while not having to plan an elaborate video.

And I have to say… I’ve never seen anybody do a jazz square staggering like a drunk person before BTS & I think it has to be a thing from now on.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of BTS’ “Dope” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on McKay’s “Month of June” Music Video

McKay returns with his second single “Month of June.”

Although I’m 100% sure this music video is filmed at one of my least favorite places ever in Korea (English Village in Paju), it looks like they pulled it off quite nicely. The video follows McKay as he takes his girlfriend out around the town and performs for her.

My favorite part of the video is when McKay boards the trolley with his girlfriend while holding a pinwheel & you see all the large pinwheels go by the trolley in the background. Most likely they attached those onto bikes and people rode by while the trolley was actually stationary, but it was a really cute touch to the overall romantic vibe of the video.

I’ve been a fan of McKay’s vocals since his participation in K-pop Star 2 as part of the Raccoon Boys, but I’m glad he’s finally starting to kick off his singing career.

Check out the music video below!

Also, here’s McKay’s English acoustic version of “Month of June.”

What do you think of McKay’s “Month of June” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on MelodyDay’s “#LoveMe” Music Video

MelodyDay is back with a new song titled “#LoveMe.”

Pretty tired since I watched the video late at night… but I already watched it so I have to write about it now (even if my post will end probably end up being really short). On first listen, I’m really down for this song; I love the retro sound to it.

The drawings that are illustrated onto the girls and props throughout the music video remind me of the same effects seen throughout WINNER Mino’s “I’m Him” music video, which I also really liked.

Favorite part of the video is when the girls all turn their heads to reveal that their backwards caps each have 1 word of the phrase “Love me or not” printed on their caps, which I think is a fun touch to the video.

Adding this song to my summer playlist~

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of MelodyDay’s “#LoveMe” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on MAMAMOO’s “Um Oh Ah Yeh” Music Video

MAMAMOO makes their return with new title track “Um Oh Ah Yeh” featuring basically the entire group dressed as males minus Solar.

The music video kicks off with Solar seeing male Moonbyul and falling for him. She suddenly is dressed as a maid, cleaning his room while trying to get his attention. And the music video just makes less sense as it goes on. Solar is bent on getting male Moonbyul that she somehow becomes a flight attendant and keeps trying to serve him drinks on a plane, but male Hwasa keeps making passes at Solar. She ends up accidentally drugging male Moonbyul and they’re at the hospital where Solar suddenly is a nurse and keeps trying to assault male Moonbyul while he struggles. Clearly male Moonbyul is awake, but doctor (and male) Wheein decides to use a defibrillator and shock him back into unconsciousness??? I don’t understand. In the end, it turns out “male” Moonbyul was never a man; she was just an androgynous woman. The end.

Can’t say I really enjoyed the music video’s storyline, but it was fun seeing the girls of MAMAMOO (minus Solar) wear “male makeup,” especially the jaw enlargement makeup on Hwasa and Wheein.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of MAMAMOO’s “Um Oh Ah Yeh” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on BTS’ “For You” Music Video

BTS releases original Japanese track “For You.” Is this their first original Japanese song? I don’t keep up, so I’m not really sure. But one thing’s for sure, this sounds a lot more natural than their Japanese-translated songs. Their Japanese pronunciation has improved a lot & I can actually understand what they’re saying the whole way through, so props to that.

I was so distracted the entire music video because of the opening scene. If that is not the most imposter rip-off mascot costume of Winnie the Pooh that has ever existed on this planet, I don’t know what is. He’s basically just the brown clothed version of Winnie the Pooh!! Tell me who made this outfit. I’ll fight this person and defend Winnie the Pooh’s honor.

Jungkook basically is working a bunch of jobs ’cause he’s saving up to meet his girl. His buddies find a flyer from where he’s working as a Winnie the Pooh imposter, so they figure out what he’s doing & all pitch in to work at various jobs to help him out. What homies. The buddies present him with a flight ticket and off Jungkook goes to meet his girlfriend. What a clever music video that’ll have fans’ hearts aflutter. This music video gets bonus points considering that international fans can fantasize about BTS working hard to save money to come and visit them. I have all the praise for the MV director and producer for being so damn clever. You win at the game.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of BTS’ “For You” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!

My Thoughts on Primary’s “Mannequin” Music Video

Primary releases a new track titled “Mannequin” with rapper Beenzino and vocalist Suran.

I’ve never heard of Suran before, but I will most definitely keep tabs on her. She has such a colorful vocal tone. If I were to describe it, she has husky yet light voice… something like a less intense version of Mad Soul Child’s Jinsil. Jinsil’s vocals have a very rich, dark sound, but Suran’s is very bright and flittering. She really makes the song for me as it just fits so perfectly with the singer’s perspective.

“Mannequin” is a song about a girl who sees the dazzling, fashionable girls of Garosugil who seem so perfect like mannequins & despite them being all the same, she still wants to be like them. The chorus echoes the phrase “Manne-mannequin / Money money queen” which reflects all the money it costs to be perfect like them. Although the girl is just a street performer, she constantly takes all of the coins she earns to buy accessories and things just to get one inch closer to being like the chic fashionistas.

Beenzino comes in to give the guy perspective of being with a “mannequin girl.” He raps about giving everything to her from money to fame & even though he’s broke and he knows she’s superficial, he can’t help but do it because of how beautiful she is.

I really enjoyed how the song and music video decided to approach this idea and showed kind of how silly and desperate the lead girl is. She spends all her earnings to buy hats and hats, but she’s still got a long way to become a “mannequin girl.” She constantly stares at the mannequins in the glass window, pawing at the window and even sleeps in front of the window. I think this is a great example of using music to make commentary on a societal issue & doing it in a breezy, melodic way that some people may overlook the diss in it.

Check out the music video below!

What do you think of Primary’s “Mannequin” music video? Share your thoughts with me!!